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Saveur Biere

Together with FF Creative Paris I illustrated the 2019 Christmas Box for Saveur Biere, Europe´s leading online beer distributor - The "Beery Christmas" Advent Calendar. 

This box has 24 different hand-selected beers from all over the world for all 24 days until Christmas day. This year´s topic was to create a Christmas "factory" with 6 levels that will be attributed to one or more specific activities in the Saveur Biere production line. 


Beery Christmas is an adventure that began in 2013 to share not only

Saveur Biere´s taste for beer but great-tasting beers. 


This year we created an additional concept of a "Treasure Hunt":

A booklet was sent along with the box to solve a riddle and find the right seal with the bottle of the day hidden behind. 

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